Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on IVIG Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

My last update, 10/25/09, was just after I had received my second infusion of IVIG. I received a third dose 4 weeks later in November. I received 30 g of IVIG each day times 2 for a total dose of 60g. I then met with my Neurologist, Dr. Edgar to evaluate this 3 month treatment period.

It was clear that the IVIG helped my peripheral neuropathy with about 50% improvement in the numbness and tingling and, perhaps, 10-20% improvement in balance and gait. Improvement was noted about 9 days after the infusion. Unfortunately, my symptoms regressed after the third week from infusion. I was told that the effect would last 3 – 4 weeks so this was no surprise.

We then decided to try 30 g x 1 day (half the dose I previously received) but every 3weeks instead of every 4 weeks. Unfortunately, this half dose had no noticeable effect whatever. So, we are now looking at receiving 60 g in a single dose every 3 weeks. I received this treatment on 2/19 with no ill effects and we will go for 3 months and again re-evaluate the situation.